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but not visible, the simple expedient of placing one end of a rubber

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ing. The history proved that the growth of the tumor had been

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of persons who had fallen from a height striking upon the

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ceives and parts with some of its principles as it does in its pas-

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in some cases the discharge has been observed to be of a

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we had hoped at the date of our last annual report that the

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and absolute justice. The keynote of the system is duty, as that

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notice in the Saturday Rci:ieic it is stated that the yield of the

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unlooked for paralysis of the heart, when the disease is

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close-fitting covers, are filled with bleached gauze cut into

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and suggest what should be done in the way of treatment.

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water material, is a distressing feature to the patient and by reason of

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tenth part of a grain of opium, and to only an infinitesimal dose of nior] ma •

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in a child "seventeen months old." It consists essentially of six grains

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kidneys, and if the prostate is of a large size, as felt per rectum.

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been moderated ; the average time for its use is six and a quarter hours.

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the presence of tumors which encroach upon the floor of

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fect manner. The excretories of the skin are excited, the lungs ex-

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rapidity with which the symptoms of anaemia develop and the grade

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but I want to commend it. I feel like the subject Dr. Marshall

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action of the heart, which is sometimes instantaneous, some-

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concerned, but was not so large as former meetings ; nor were the papers

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effective response capable of being produced by the experience itself.

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to hypertropliy and dilatation of tlie right ventricle, and frecpiently to venous

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stricture, Avhich, by obstructing the escape of the urine,

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and Dr. Bell, or Derry. And I am bold to affirm, that no profound

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resis and fibrillary tremor of the tongue, difficulty in

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The name sufficiently states its claim to medicinal

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as t-arly a |i<.-ri<><l .i^ . ■ oi . cif tlic A"S<K.Tition. Ailoptcd.

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early developed and of high grade. Liebermeister goes so lar as to

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72 mm. Hg. The blood examination showed 2,944,000 erythrocytes, and 29M

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intestines two or three weeks, and I do not see why gall-

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