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caries of the coccyx and of the fact that it is often un-
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written in concise and clear language and in every re-
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of solid substances. The greatest elimination occurs during the
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faculties during the preceding year, and the undergraduates
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diligent study. The observations offered cannot fail to prove
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lawyer and a start was made in this di- General Disease.
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great toe was present in the left foot, but absent in the right.
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a scientific expert who is required to investigate the case. Evidence on this
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at all. I have deemed it requisite to say thus much in
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earlier biochemical and clinical findings. Finally, there is a
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good it is often clean, bright red and glazed; the temperature as a rule
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discrete white spots, which may be connected here ami
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separated by the tympany of the former organ from the area of hepatic
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The pain is mitigated, and by perseverance in the use of these means health is gradoalty
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The hemiansesthesia, both sensorial and sensitive, which is observed
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milk-sugar are equal in dynamic energy to 100 parts of
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wa« rery highly respected in the town and neighbourhood,
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hand up to the right. This movement is generally required when
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Robinson read a letter from United States President George
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Fractures, Compound Fractures, Dislocations, and their Treatment, with a
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and perfectly successful. I separated the sinus from the
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he passed no urine, nor did he feel any inclination to do so. The next
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of the upper row of the carpus will impinge against the broad shal-
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ivith Special Reference to the Wassermann Reaction. 19
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of a double-cm-rent caoutchouc catheter. Eenew it in ten or fifteen
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from civil hospitals only those cases of severe traumatic
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spleen was not enlai'ged, and the pulse was good. The red cells were 6,120,000

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