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examination, and this last fall many <<got in

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no surprise that his results were so good. He (Mr Skirving) had

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discover it, in her chair ; you may judge in some degree of the probability,

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Creosote, when taken by the mouth, appears to exercise a

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face like a dumpling, or the worst wrh the features of a philosopher, yet

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the ring finger, both back and front. The ulnar border of the

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peated several times at each point. This is an excellent

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of "scrivener's palsy." On examining the man's gums, a

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dilated heart, the catarrhal, edematous or consolidated

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as a result of these twenty-nine, there was a loss of

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ble to surgery in general that even ivith the aid of an-

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upon (in what way it is not stated) to devote a cer-

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and mode of cure in the Thomsonian practice, and discovered a mind

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uor when poured out resembles in color Scotch whis-

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This is a characteristic gurgling which often sounds metallic and reminds one

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1 . If you keep having to look back to remind yourself

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ment is found to reach above the supra-orbital margin, it may be justly

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continued to remain at 98° F. for the morning temperature, rising to 98.40° F.

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These women have crises, spasms, various disorders of sensation,

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produce a bloodless condition of the skin. By venous spasm is produced

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that of his death. After receiving elementai'y train-

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the gonococcus at all. Recognizing the importance of

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bony framework of the head. There are two nasal, two superior

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functional. The trembling sometimes extends to the lower extremities and

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ciate, Mr. Propert. That thel praiseworthy efibrts antl

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ookinete. This becomes a trypanosome by the separation oi the

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Journal of tfte America* Jfeiisal AAsVoietto*, and la endorsed by poattca-

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tions were. He observed, however, that the points of inser-

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perience) to give antiseptic vaginal injections three times

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tea. and sausages were founds and tlience it was to be supposed that

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A. Pi. Baldridge, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women

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Dr. TurnbuU always uses when a diagnpsis of pus is made, is to

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