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ment (jf that place. For man}' years he has been one of tlie leading

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is not more frequently set up in it. When this accident

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inlluenza have confirmed my opinion that of the great war in which Europe has be-

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ened, measuring on an average fiom -,V to /< of an

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"have marked the characters by which fibrous bodies differ from

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his adoption of uva wji as a remedy, all of which terminated

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Dr. Rohe claimed that there were many conditions that may give

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pared with special reference to the wants of the general

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joints, ulceration of articular cartilages, particularly of the navi-

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understood everytiiing said to him, and made efforts to

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Bleeding was only resorted to in one case, and that to a very slight

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close orifice, owing to dilatation of aorta ; water poured into aorta flowed

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is usually the first symptom. It becomes encreasingly difficult

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upon him. Dr. Ball belonged to a family of physicians, his father and his grandfather be-

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them only when the mode of carrying out the necessary protection

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digestive tract — because of poor absorption.) The force

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and half-crazed men to terminate their useless exist-

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The foregoing card is printed on light blue paper.]

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digitalis in, 360 ; contribution to therapeutics of, 548

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Sulphur Dioxid. — Sulphur dioxid (SOj) is not a very efficient germi-

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On the side of the blood we have at first a moderate leucocytosis which disappears

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were removed quite early from the possibility of doing mischief. That new

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irreparable damage done. I do not say this in order to discourage any member of

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condition of affairs. Neither Eoser's nor Busch's theory explains this.

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The measurements of each were as follows: At the commencement

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