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Kentucky doctor speak the word. McDowell sleeps in the beautiful
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ment in general condition. The epinephrin test was made Feb. 28, 1916. The
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the elbow; in a third above the hand; for which purpose the holes ought then
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do kyste tendineux de la giittifere calcau6Bnue. Bull. Soc.
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cine, since so many medical men prescribe it, not only
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number of brown rabbits (spark-gap 6 inches, milliamperagc 5, dis-
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f. i.id ti' hv po-Mhlc .iiid pv.KtiL.ibK' in tlio I', ill. .11;-. wluTi' ilu' tjin'M ii.ii
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they are immediate and remote. If the fracture be compound,
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more energetic in operation, require more care ; if
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Airs, published at Bristol, in 1796, is a statement that
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to pressure and percussion over this area, which extends down-
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which purpose something is needed to check x-ray find-
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have not been exposed to other sources of puerperal fever
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other symptoms pointing to acute hydrocephalus. In a boy two
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when left to themselves, eat a great deal and have excellent health, because they
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Visiting I'hysician to the Boston Chililren's Hospital.
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correspond to the ricksha men of Japan, and, like them, they
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saw him for the first time on Monday, August 19th. H&
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had boon followed a second time by considerable improvement.
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apparatus of Malapterurus electricus has a diameter of no less
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call at a house in another part of the town from where
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the dropsy, and indirectly attempting to remove the fluid pre-
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nefritom, s iskhodom v vizdorovlenle. [Rare case of . . .,
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servations, I should say that external irritants play
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a circle to the opposite side to which stimulus was
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in boys i : 226 ; in girls i : 397 ; in men i : 346 ; in old men i : 381 ;
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the colour is of a dark brown, interspersed with that of recent ha-mor-
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References.- -'"New York Med. Journ.," Nov. 7, 1896 ; ="' Prac-
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test results. The average reproducibility for the tests controlled are:
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wound of the flesh ; and particularly if that happen in the muscles of the thigh or

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