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prevalence to much extent ; but the explanation of this fact is that the pioneers
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specialists on the teaching staff. Further, he would turn the attention
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diphtheria wards of that hospital is rotating, each phy-
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the anatomy of the ear. A clear, definite mental picture
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doubtless an intrinsic production ; that is, it is not received from without
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filtrate. The faeces filtrate can be first tested chemically by depositing a few drops
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view of disinfecting the invaded cities, or what had
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affection. More frequently, though, it occurs during the first
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rheumatic .perspiration or the pustular elimination
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repeatedly examining it for yourselves. Yet a brief description
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in the matters by which they are filled, render this view of their
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whitish specks in the cortical substance. But the change may be so
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tions of the uterus occur at intervals of from five
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the potential of CARAFATE to alter the absorption of some drugs
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should be constructed ; but he also enters very fully into such
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vene, and, as the exudation increases, troubles during
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are closely related to the meat-poisoning bacilli (see below), but are
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left eye alone ; the other special senses and the intellectual faculties unafi'ected ;
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in any other country in Europe, in spite of the number of cases attracted
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is usually concentrically striated. These several regions are further
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itself, occur simultaneously and thus lead to a complicated result.
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ni6d. de Gand, 1886, Ixv, 2'>0-224, 1 i>l. — liizczawiiiska
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the community. From this source I learned many of his
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great that Dr. Hoke was called in to check it. Wednesday
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The specific gravity of the blood was determined with two separate
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obstinate and long-standing affection, very refractory to treat-

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