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testinal sepsis. Indian M. Rec, Calcutta. 1892, iii, 201-
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solutions it has been shown that the fluid introduced actually passes
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adults yields 0.65 to 0.90 c.c. of gas, corresponding to 55 to 77 volume
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absolute cure is effiected, unless the head be brought away as well. This,
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a man of wide learning. He seeks rather to accumulate
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The Social Security Administration appraisal of all
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remove his fingers. It is far better that too little should
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Missouri, for assignment to duty as Attending Surgeon,
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limbs, and face, some beginning on the buttocks and thighs, others
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sulphuric acid or potassium hydroxid in concentrations of 0.01
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condition of the sigmoid flexure without unduly extending his incision.
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I operated on it, and the opening was about the size of a silver dollar.
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are labored, but not notably accelerated. Attt^^ntion to the points just
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tion, viz., exudation of lymph, formation of false membrane, and some-
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Manuscripts — Ordinarily manuscripts should not exceed 3,000 words (less than 15
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Molesworth, Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry. No cards.
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would in all probability prove fatal. I therefore suggested that Mr. Garden's
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of good size, but was unusually thin ; the fontanels were
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own cases he finds that the hemiplegia in those patients manifests itself
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considered insufficient drainage for the urine which has
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invite your attention. In the first place, this great mass of
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the valves of the veins, he is not entitled to that honor,
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any of the meetings of the Obstetrical Section, provided it
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duce disturbances in the woman's nervous system. Even in healthy
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tion with rapidly growing sarcoma. That was the one symptom which
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wound. The irritation of these bodies is not sufficient to excite
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with them. 4th. That, as a rule, this disease is not met with in
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a thrombus, either sterile or septic, reach a previously diseased
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ricella syphilitica, although we ourselves have observed this but very
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operator claims X-ray can cure and will cure tubercular glands;
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Some of the phases of segmentation may also be followed in fresh
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age showed at the post-mortem that drainage was not
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artumd the glans penis transversely. The bougies are
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possesses, or, in artificial feeding, by an ill-constructed diet,
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diphtheria, we may give similar explanations as given in membranous
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these specimens being tubercular, and he believed with

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