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Similar results have since been reported by European

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Corps must apply to the Hon. Secretjiry of War for an

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catching the snake just behind the head with one hand,

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xxi, 04-i.'i.— Mvers (S. O.) Prophylaxis i f army typhoid.

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tions, these conversation pieces will be even more highly

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vical canal, fundus uteri, tubes, ovary, pelvic peritoneum, and

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than such as will develop from a thorough knowledge

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well marked for some hours after tiie puncture, in finct he almost

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and rector of Marischal College, became " mediciner " of King's

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quently would these latter receive the chlorine resi-

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hundred and ten minutes after death, temperature of rectum 36°.2 C; temperature of surface

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within group comparisons. For non-normally distributed

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diploma of the University of Edinburgh. It was discovered

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lobules which the connective tissue circumscribes. In some cases aU of

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combination of tuberculosis and syphilis is far more com-

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Hysterical spasm in the neck may simulate torticollis. The hysterical

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A few moments after the drops had been instilled, I opened

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ever, not occur. For a long time the latter remained

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normal tissues. This form did not appear to be con-

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cases, it will continue in the circulating mass of fluids

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In the second case the sympathy of the nervous system was

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manifest ; without very marked emaciation the anaemia is apt

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important thini; to be done, i.e., how to best destroy

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its disappearance was perfectly healthy, running about, and had

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1. That one often finds definite labia overlapping the

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space so as to reach the exterior of the bulb and of the pons, and the parts

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and at last the patient recovered. His impression of

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the fact was established, as it undoubtedly was, that foot-and-mouth

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opening, as if punched out, leading into an irregular cavity in the submucous

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In the Mosquito. — When these gametocytes reach the ahmentary canal of

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