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work^ is organization, without which no undertaking in the world can

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erty, to transport spectators to the ceremony. A patient

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EYE-LID (Diseases of). William Oliver Moore, M.D., New York.

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ticularly those slaughtered in country districts, for trichina, and even

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course of future investigation in Surgical practice more entirely

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remain in bed and cold applications, as cold water, or a cloth wet in a

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perficial veins soon became enlarged, but gradually diminished in size. 9 P. M.,

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in by a regular succession of epidemics, commencing

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the right border of the sternum was reached. The first sound

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de 1' Arm oh (cercle de S6tif, province de Constau- •

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is obtained, and the appearance time of the first dye is noted, as well

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and was more elevated and rough. From this h;id proceeded the hae-

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acted upon, either by excitation of the cerebro-spinal

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Another affection, which sometimes does not set in for several days, weeks,

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extent countenanced by Dr. Young,* Dr. Abernethy, and others. Valli believed the nenro

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was subject to frequent and alarming bleedings from the nose,

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or accompanied by paroxysmal sneezing ; in other cases attacks of par-

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four deaths; one in California in 1911 in which there

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in which the fluid is milky (not chylous) have been reported. The nature

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tion of the rectum is an important aid to diagnosis in these

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powerful application." (The Works of John Hunter, F. R. S. with notes edited by James F»

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and that the affection under consideration may be thus produced without

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required than can reach the lens during the lightning-

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watery motions; scanty and red or amber-colored urine; rapid respiration;

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disease is due to a specific bacillus. (3) That the microorganism is a

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Internal Medicine Conference, second and fourth Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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Even very small water-basins, like puddles or circumscribed

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a great deal of hernia, always examine the groin when

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the finger, and extracted by the other hand with for-

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Line Pricing philosophy means our pricing is always

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that the tenderloin is not to be preferred as an article of

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line cerate; a convenient basis for ointments intended for

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