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Typhus gangrene is a complication which figures with varying
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technique for drawing blood has been described in section
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Clinic of Dr. M. J. English, Boston City Hospital {From the Clinic of Dr. William H.
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a cover slip, but cells should be examined by high power, with a
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through that vial for a day, a week, a month, and the potent let-
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features of the glonoine pathogenesy, but also those divisions of
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science points out are based on errors of judgment.
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Convinced, before reading this book, of the need of a complete
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not be removing the very essence of its sick-making powers ? At
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which may not be available in certain of the smaller
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Not discouraged by this, however, these supporters of the old
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Levinson, S. A., and Mac Fate, R. p!7£?WS4£^ Laboratory
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ing), and the cytoplasm frequently contains fat. Endo-
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tions. In heart disease the vital capacity is of practical value
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blank containing 1 ml of dichromate, B 2 the ml to titrate the blank
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(7) Photometric measurement. This is done as described for
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expressed by those who were entitled to speak with some au-
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but are not swollen or red. Lachrymation is increased, and
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agar or preferably, one of the media given in para-
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various plants supposed to be factors in producing hay-fever to
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currence of infective processes, often secondary, such as suppuration of bone, or
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colorimeter or photometer is prepared, not from a stand-
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attacks of asthma, are some of the first symptoms. In the first
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It is easy to see for one who reads between the lines of all
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boiled starch, and the tissues are transformed into glassy or hyaline
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3. Neurovascular instability: 2 boys each 3 per cent, over-
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first ascertain what are the facts, and this can best be done by
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biochemical tests are inoculated. In addition to species of Proteus,
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is due to the fact that the sulphur of the hyposulphite combines with the CN of
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change in the whole system of teaching, a. reduction in the num-
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may terminate into dendritic branching; eggs are indistinguish-
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mortality. Speaking generally, it may be said that there is a special
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trunk than at the face. The sclera? are not yellomsh. There
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Wilberforce E. Doy, M. D., Sarah E Wilder, M. D., and S.
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bers. In naturally infected rats, ground squirrels, and other
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