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based upon the error estimation of the treatment position. Therefore, the relocalization

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exhibit wide differences in all respects ; presenting

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smaller clots. Emmetropia R. £. No cardiac or renal

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paradox, but it may be thus explained: with the increased vascular resistance even

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nosis was made entirely from the local symptoms, which

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8. Course at Netley. — After passing this examination the successful candi-

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important in considering transport. But Mr. Burdett-

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extensor tendons, are usually implicated. In one case under ob-

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bile contains antitoxins, and that animals could be vaccin-

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and nausea when thus administered. This, however, is said to be effectually

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This behavior challenges the best of parents, and physi-

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Such was the art of teaching medicine at this early

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ble, as lime, silicic acid, zircon, thorium and magnesium com-

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reddish in color, may be obvious; the hepatic veins are dilated and their

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of Registrar of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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but little less formidable in its effects than the inhalation of the

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of life — that conflict which every thoughtful man must face,

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start in listening to the sounding brass of Cicero's orations,

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syphilis. In fourteei> other cases pulmonary con-

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to art for the disease, that they respect not sufficiently the condition

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subjected to increased atmospheric pressure, and characterized

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physician to deal more successfully with disease, to

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guineapigs and white mice. It apparently is closely related

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human source, and that in some way or other it becomes specially

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present wheat supply received $1.30 a bushel, and under

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of the compressed air-blower is not in use in this section of the

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Dr. D. B. Van Slyck : As to longevity and heredity, there is little that can be

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The lymphatic glands and lymphatics are commonly affected.

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pepsia of gouty and debilitated subjects ; and as a condi-

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5. Magnuson HJ, Thomas EW, Olansky S. et al: Inoculation syphilis in human

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three weeks, she "thought the joint felt land ammonia for a week, followed by full

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conducive to its attainment as science. For there is hardly any mental or

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