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add simple syrup fiijss. Dose ^ 3 five times in twenty-four

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hypenesthesia and anaesthesia, the former into hyperdncsis and adnesis.

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men. In these provisions no student of human nature can fail to recognize

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such conditions, however, greatly increased tliickening and

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the eyes, some degree of intolerance of light and noise, great sensi-

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these have to be pushed aside, and all possible adhesions ligated or

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the life of the child is prejudiced (as can be determined

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refuse. Martini • insists that all sewage should be sterilized and

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the size of the viscus and the degree of the rickets. Nei-

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whether such recovery is ever quite complete in the case of large trunks.

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the putting forth of fiagella. Marchiafava and Celli have also de-

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h^aXfiSc eye + irX&aceiv to form.] Plastic surgery

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inequality of pupils, divergent strabismus, nystagmus, and convulsions

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The persistence of the actual embryonic mic. They are decompensation, slowing

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into or from the stomach is obstructed, as in di.sease

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the edijes in the opening of the inembrana tympani.

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natural fluids, such as blood-serum, he replies that the

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prepared by boiling for ten minutes in an earthenware

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tice. I shall first notice paralysis affecting the different cranial

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to time-honored institutions will recognize that we cannot

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that the "Halbwertschicht" of the surrounding material (e.

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natural resistance of the people temporarily, and the inhabitants are likely

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his birth place, likewise, is unknown. He has been the

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Definition. — A disorder of metabolism, attended by an abnormal amount

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TEETH, are two small superfluous ones, growing in the up-

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in his inscrutable wisdom to strike down to the ground with a

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5 P.M., 100** F. ; pulse, 120. Complained of very little

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