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healthy throughout. Microscopic examination of the diseased

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type, is usually found ; but, in addition to this, an increase of

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If the patientis in good physical condition a large amount

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thoracic traumatism. He was constantly nursed by his wife,

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Leonard Vinnick, M.D., Stamford, joined the Council

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depressed vitality and lowered function, which often follows

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the Aids to Diagnosis in Clinical Observation. He stated

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tion : Lung, 102.6° F.; rectum, 102.2° F. (39° C). In«

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Gasoline as a Therapeutic Agent. decided nutritious value, but it also con-

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sociation. We will venture to say that not one person

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vol. i, 1893, tabulates the following conditions associated

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granular, were present. On May 14th (306th day) many motile forms were

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lady was no impostor, and that she had black eyes in her for-

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strong paroxysms of cough, just when its borders were held aside with

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ists in the conditions which I have given you, there may

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cision on the right side discharged pus, and gave her much

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.handle of his plough. The bruised part was painful for a considerable

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By means of the stop-cock Q one is able to bring B into communication with G and

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result of an atonic condition, and may appear at a certain period in any

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physician, Dr. J. M. Clayland, after making an autopsy, reported that death

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as strychnine, quinine, or iron, it became necessary to impose perfect

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ing as far over as the median line, it may drop downward behind the

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amongst these I have had several cases of melaena neonatorum. As you

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loss of animal sensibility; in the second, which is very rare,

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or definitely circumscribed by a capsule ; they are occasionally multi-

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the muscles. There is, also, a very peculiar biting heat

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Veiliandl. d. x. inlernat. nied. Cong. 1890. Berl., 1891, v,

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Avhen the dead bodies are taken from water soon after the accident, that pieces

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was pushed farther to the right. I do not know whether that

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the Retreat should unhappily be invaded by this pitiless aifection he will

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possessing the power of circular polarization is not affected by mixing

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