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must be introduced above the rim, as in the case of the straight for-
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organisation. Any attempt to manipulate crude returns of disease by a
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consider drunkenness in its relation to insanity, crime, and pau-
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The Museum of Comparative Anatomy contains 2,900 specimens.
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lade, and up the right side of the neck. In a fourth, pain in the shoulder varied in
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Army Surgeon is especially called on to investigate. The Candidates also
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with one — because they consist in nothing more than an application of
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exciting topics under discussion at the University and in the Infimiarj*. Wc fear
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The Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery consists of six members ;
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this system unnecessary. The States are a high-pressure place, as every
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and a fortnight later the first meeting of its Pathological Section. Mr.
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that of Dublin or London. Americans are close readers of works and

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