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centui ies before. This result was brought about by a

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Also: Brit. M. J., Loud., 1885, i, 944.— Ti-asbot (L.) Un

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interpret the sensible, and as many as possible, of the more re-

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A'atchkr — Laskester. — On February 2S, at the parish church, Hampstead,

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an expected paroxysm, that paroxysm will, in all probability, be pre-

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by the use of a well-discipKned and well-practised ear we arrive

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parts, and by a fetid, often bloody, discharge, which begins in a few

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used to colour the wicker, occasionally, by a solu-

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for, though I believe the numerical result is insignificant, there

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being, with our existing knowledge, neither more nor less intelligible than

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diminished, but did not completely cease until three weeks

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during winter and spring is attributed to the agency of these hiber-

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Hofmann's '^ results were similar to those of Loeffler,

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ner. Admitting that an error of diagnosis was the cause of

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(P.) Hysterii al closure of the eyelid--. Practitioner,

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7. Frontal headaches were never due to conditions in the pelvis,

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der Luftsiicke bei den Kugflfischen. Anat. Anz , Jena,

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cance because of the very small groups of population.

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as the muscles of an arm would increase under certain physical

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mediately after the least effort to use the eye for reading

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nitric acid test may be apphed either by dropping a few minims of strong

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jects. But is not this true also of cereals made of

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France, Spain, Italy; S. gigantea, S. niorsitans, S. heros, Africa,

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which paradoxically has a concrete existence, sometimes as an

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more or less solid nature showing a slight tendency to cystic

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exercises. This is known as Frankel's method, and the patient,

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Di;. Douglas — I rise to ask the further question, whether the Council has the power to

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efpecially the fiomach, is loaded with an offenfive

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and anastomose, so as to form the most exquisite reticu-

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mise for the future. Already, indeed, the investigations of Professor

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400 each and smaller demonstration rooms and labora-

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