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ness the prompt and wonderful effect of 1 or 2 quarts of fresh
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Should there be an occipito-posterior position we would fail to find
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gastrium. Menstruation lasts from one day and a half to two days, and
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as compared witli the female l>lade, necessitating a
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I did not expect, I found a good deal of pus in the joint. If this is common in
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Dog 2. — The right ureter was ligated 5 cm. from the kidney on
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resolutions to the Board of Trustees ; and, in the e\ '
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Two or three cases were admitted on the fourth or fifth day because of severe
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would be as follows : The first pressor causes the initial rise, and
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of the Smith, Jones, and Robinson class of names is justified, in tlie
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sense that it does not describe the condition present. The bladder contains
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nified to the European powers its desire to enter a Con-
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tampon. She was then directed to lie in bed, use light diet,
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gravity cream contains about four parts of fat to one of
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with a pair of scissors. All of the ordinary precautions were taken to
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which the former differ from the latter make the serum
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equally paralysed, continued to contract when submitted to the electric
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in itself, a little monograph. The remedy title is followed by its
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preceding, except an increased lividity of the surface, and the respira-
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other food will form an adequate diet for a man doing
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fessions. A chapter has been devoted to the making of reports
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which have been urged to its application to tlic lower limb of
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hospital was one of great encouragement, which we may well
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A light diet is usually of advantage for the first day or two, but
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that Carter's, Vincent's, Nicolle's, and Bouffard's wliitc and black mycetomata
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my office, and found the cut surface well cleared off and
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phia habit If the pain is not severe, relief may be had from Belladonna,.
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Camden, Ala. Reprinted from Transactions of the Medical Association
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due not to ethnic causes, but simply to the urban life
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Club-foot. — At the meeting of the British Medical Association
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cobi has been teaching among us, and has published a
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It may be easier to meet Quality Assurance goals by
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effects they produce, is occasionally carried to harmful
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special inflammatory action and without discomfort to the
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able and valuable pciformance; but as a political instrument and an
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Dr. Robert Lee was sent for. He thought her in a dying
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the power of its contagion. He kept the discharges of patients

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