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Dean Ward will tell yr Lordship that all this was unnecessary,

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of the Vault of the Pharynx. The paper was discussed I

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or regurgitation after a period more or less remote. When the evils or

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lowed by marked relief : but the pulse still remained sharp and quick,

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be dissolved if let alone. The girl got well, but there was a scar

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degree of phagocytosis the endothelial cells of the capillaries and

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fastened by a suture. The side wounds are filled up M-ith

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not suitable for treatment, to whom admission was refused, 277.

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sidered as embracing inflammation situated on either the outer or the

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worthy that mosquitos will often live longer in a closed jar, even when

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59. Duggan DB, Ehrlich GD, Davey FP.etal: HTLV-I-induced lymphoma mim-

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anced program that could be marketed in contractual

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the 8th day all were negative, as may be seen in Table VII. The

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circulating in the blood, or refiexly by agents stimulating^

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was held, but no cholera came. Refugees from Toulon

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for, although cases illustrating the evil effects of

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disseminating the scourge. Pilgrims from the further

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ias, by throwing back the outer layer of the sling.

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being, seriously injured or killed as the result of an

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seat of character and intellect After the removal of

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tice to the physician of the existence of any such disease.

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If, in the antiseptic examination of a wound, it is discovered

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Dr Wang, in the laboratory of the Royal College of Physicians, kindly

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Ablation of Srd, 4th and 5th dorsal arches. No Improvement for

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was able to leave the institution early in December. His subse-

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elements, and the latter may be transformed into body fat.

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Our present limits will not allow us to give this volume a

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strative, life-long friend and coworker, James Tyson.

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the foreign body does not exceed the calibre of the

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their respective coiiiitics in this state, and elect or appoint delegates to

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urine, differing from all known albumens in its relative solu^4lity on

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