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patient, who was thirty-four years of age, died in collapse ten
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not very obviously weaker than normal except the left
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and injuries of the eyeball and its appendages. Svst. Dis.
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cavity, being greatly distended, pushes to the opposite side the mediastinum
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glass, accounts for the results obtained both experimentally
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add sufficient Tartar Emetic to the remedy, or give it sepa-
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A man about 45 years of age, who had " acne rosacea'' of the nose, died
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tions a very remarkable case where the motions of the foetus
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pigeons, etc., as examples of the true Spirillum cholerce
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tilled from the leaves and flowers of pepermint. Used chiefly for
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granular fibres are still embryonic and destined to re-
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sition are not such important factors as in lesions of the aortic orifice.
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.9705, for equal weights .7747. It is a bad absorber and radiator
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tonic Sal ne as a Disinfectant for Septic Wounds and
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for the AMA to express its continued opposition to 24-hour
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or regarded as an indication for stopping the drug.
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which made its current more rapid; the noxious vapors
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petechial spots appeared on the skin. Sepsis was suspected, but its origin could
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for municipal use by slow sand filtration or by bleaching powder. Fur-
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They suffice to keep the whole gang out of worse mischief,
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and the writer, inspected the cottages where cases of
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cines upon the blood, the nerve centers, and other important tissues, has
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back. Before effusion of any extent occurs, the les-
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standing there for four days. At least every time any-
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those with long neck and those with short neck. 4. The cells
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occurred diiring the course of the neuralgia and oedema, which lasted
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Tkt Secr^Xart/ of the Ftrritar* J/.'-iicw/Socitfj-.— Thematteris not one of public
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tract. A carious tooth or an inflamed gum afford espe-
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vices. Other classes may receive salary and sit on boards. This
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cases involving the small intestine. It is also agreed that there
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should be continued for from ten to twenty minutes, and
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be settled, for if the local origin theory be true, we ought to be
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98 Erosions and Ulcerations of the Triangular Cartilage of the
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the slide projection designed to demonstrate the entire
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'i- ''"'"- ' ' ■!" '"'ll -'l-i,. .iiiJ -iiid^ il.r Jp:ic,l piniiiv..! Hul, a unuiui
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Steam is applicable to the disinfection of bedding, clothing, fabrics

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