Colchicine And Vitamin K Issues

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of Jarratt ; first vice-president, Dr. Joseph T. Bu.xton, of

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ing. In the first place the question arises whether

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paper he advocated strongly the creation of a Cana-

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with this poison. This malady, so venomous and hurtful

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September 10, 1910, the following new cases of and death.-

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known. In some instances, apparently, it is related

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father bids his son farewell hoping despairingly to see him again,

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It is primarily and solely a safeguard for the com-

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right angles to outline a quarter sector of a sphere. The right

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tient on this sheet and wrap him in it; the wet pack

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few years she has been separated from her husband and has resumed

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syphilis, the inefficiency of mercury from the first in

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usually present, and the variations in the local in-

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toes, rice, etc., with a liberal allowance of fresh

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lapsing fever, i; plague, i; dengue, 13; influenza.

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cut off from the lymph stream by thickening of floor

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so far as to ridicule those who differ with them re-

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tion and full emulsion to the point of local reaction.

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In order to diminish the alkalinity, and make the so-

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teriously defiant to the powers of vision (and, in a

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nished by it is just as much an albumin saving agent

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kee on September 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, the following offi-

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closed, felt somewhat craggy on its posterior surface and

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efifect upon other forms of conjunctival infection^.

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therefore delivers its arsenic content more readily

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Dr. Yandell Henderson qualifies his support of the resolutions

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had ceased, a fenestrated soluble glass splint was put on. As

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tion the watery diet is to be ordered, with the addi-

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that those opinions were so widely — almost univer-

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tioned by wife. The lungs both floated. The heart was

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is located in the frontal lobes of the cerebrum. It

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Pittsburgh's Floating Hospital for Infants. — The Wo-

colchicine and vitamin k issues

large one, especially since attention has been called

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pectoration swarming with tubercle bacilli Marked he-

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talein, digitalinutn verum or digitoxine, or whether

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