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lant, though not so strongly as Dr. Vogel; quinine, when the disease

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fession, the authors of the reports have attained, nevertheless, to a spirit

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Annual Ji/useum and Annual Library. — It is intended to exhibit

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tions. These were successfully treated, but a gradual increase of

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I had found the healing physician. I procured a course of medicine and returned

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232, Faubourg St. Honore, Paris, left in hospital 13th June, 1896.

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good, and no difficulty in defecation or micturition had been noted.

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the same ingenious course. But, happily, the voice of the public has

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character of which has been overlooked, lesions which may persist for

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obstructed or difficult menstruation, general prostration of the system, and all

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venereal disease in Paris. With one thousand beds for contagious

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pear to us to be based on a short-sighted policy, which hopes to cure a

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fluential attendance ; Dr.Tweedie, F.R.S., in the Chair. Amongthose

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Presidents: Dr. Gibson and Dr. Graily Hewitt. Secretaries: Luke Arm-

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schule), and was noted for unusual aptitude and zeal

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prevailing opinion which appeai-s to us a very delusive fallacy. It is

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possible to obtain correct copies of the Bill has prevented the Secre-

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breast, and then the patient is to sweat profusely under

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small tarsal bones, and there produces an ossifying periostitis, accom-

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ment in different parts of Europe and South America, but to no purpose. I now

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much particularity as Dr. R., nor prescribe with so much directness and effective-

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first hears a systolic, followed by a diastolic murmur ; the diastolic

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matory process in the endocardium, moderate development of new

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terrier which for a long time had appeared thin, and at intervals had

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lous ulcers, says (p. 4) : " These kinds do rather presage

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.St. George's, i P.M. — Central London Ophthalmic, i p.m. — Royal

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the upper maxilla, the anterior portion of the palatine bone, and part

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serous membrane to be simultaneously affected, and during infectious

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thought the animal was suffering from colic) was wondering what he

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Recovery was not complete until towards the 15th June, though had

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evidence that the deceased had died from consumption, but he believed

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