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upon the course of pulmonary tuberculosis, because they in-
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protoiodide of mercury pills up to time of delivery. She
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«ance ; although this species of beauty is in a great degree
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show that, while the general death-rate in this State had de-
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add materially to the danger of the patient. The prematurely-born
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wound were sloughing and the pleural cavity was filled
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in its sac, may also break out, and the consequence will still be the
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portant role now suspected, this time would be far too short in many
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bile contains antitoxins, and that animals could be vaccin-
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isfaction of getting promptly the insufficient payments that
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Winona, who discussed the profession of medicine. He
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•Western South Dakota's provider of mobile densitometry
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and BQttspismodicfl internally — should be tried^ this failing, pyloric stretching
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had its early difficulties and struggles for existence. At the
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is to be explained probably ,by the recent presence of
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by contributing to the reduction of intra-abdominal
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" Lord, Frederick T. : Hemoptysis as a S>Tnptom. Read at the
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assuredly, it makes toward prohibition of what has proved a
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formed are unknown to chemistry, and the subject is one of great complexity.
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the State of Illinois, and to repeal an act named therein, approved April 24,
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violence, and caused by direct extension of the endome
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Br. H.Cha.,nce,, No. I.. South Four th street. Philadelphia. ? ^j .^ t?- ^^ ^Ke disorder.'^ T^in-.^ T^f ai^arThlTtT ^-^^'^
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institution since 1847, have in no year been less than twenty-five thousand dol-
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ious disease, must remain awav from the cows and the milk.
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the Cervix after Considerable Dilation of the Latter
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which has not responded readily to treatment administered in this
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appeared the same night and the next day, and improve-
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With the object of overcoming these diflSculties and of
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the jugular vein of the same side, pus was very rapidly dischai-ged through the
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IVontal sinuses. Northwest. Lancet, St. Paul, 1884-5, iv,
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Peritoneum-^ with recovery . By Feederio S. Eve. In-
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papules with acuminate summit, having a diameter of 1 or 2 mm.,
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genital canal, tlien the caput succedaneum will be at the presenting
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mation in connection with it, and no discomfort to the
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matters at the mucous surface ; or on the presence of diabetes, or of
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holic patients it was customary to give a preliminary

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