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kindred diseases. Yes, you will find hundreds of women, young girls, and aged
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his professional biethero in orificial work in classes instead
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descends into the left iliac fossa and into the true pelvis.
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York Infirmary continuously since her graduation ; for
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dren born to them: Madeline S., born February 19, 1883, died in
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matriculated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York
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ories than to attend a reception," which she loved dearly.
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tax-payers employ homoeopathic treatment, believe it is the best,
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described, especially to the first and the fourth (type with
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excessive crampy pains in the whole of the right foot."
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1796. He was educated in the common schools of that period, then
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apertures and immobilization. Even if there is no bony
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preventive procedure therefor, we are now to consider briefly
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him, is not practicable in private practice. Blennorrhcea of the
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ing society of Gray or Dalton. And it is, as we have said above,
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side of the bone. The most usual osseous lesions are
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tory of homoeopathy in England. It may well point with pride
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expected of it ? " is the question which we may feel sure is being
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of these remarks on the use of water, allow me to quote from
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vantage address you, I have concluded that I should best answer
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which presides over motion, sensation, and the mind in a more
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partment), and in 1873, was graduated with the degree of M.D.
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1885.] Worcester-County Homoeopathic Medical Society. 281
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ment had found place in its pages, Dr. Vogel's books, as an ideal
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and more time could have profitably been occupied had it been
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the nature of the tissues with which it has come into contact,
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the work of American surgeons — in its present honorable place
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ity of his own profession. All this made no difference to him, for
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Athletic, New York Riding and the Sleepy Hollow Country.
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etc., London, England, later becoming resident medical officer at that

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