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Annual General Meeting. Any Fellow proposing such alteration shall give

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Muscle Abscess.— F. Adolph's » patient complained of pain

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to remove the tumor after delivery. The patient wore an abdominal

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strained oatmeal gruel made rather thin; and a little chicken or

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tary muscles and a sluggishness of the movements they

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membrane by capillary attraction, was carried vertically upward. In

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three times, and it is gradually decreasing in size under this scarifica-

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percentage of urea is so much reduced that the amount excreted is far

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slight feeling of depression with a disagreeable sensation in the region

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variety of morbid conditions and a predisposing cause of the appearance of

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of copper, &c. : but recognising the importance of such applica-

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The fact of this universality of infection should not on

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In suitable media it lives for long periods, and keeps in some measure

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alcohol, and the infections. Lead palsy may be recognized by the absence

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thin. On the other hand, the lumen of the large arteries (aorta and

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rior end and prolonged and narrow posteriorly ; marked by about

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{Mitteil. aus der med. Fak. d. kais. Univ., Tokio, December 28, 1918,

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I^igmented macrophagi which in certain sections appear to occlude the

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cerehellum was completely adherent to the medulla. The adhesions were firm

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in this conntry. As in all unoperated countries, some

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track of the Germantown Passenger Railway, where he had been run over

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Examination of the heart, lungs, and kidneys, negative.

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The first symptoms of return were shooting pains in

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left common carotid ; the procedure only partially subduing the

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utterance is reported to be still imperfect, that of locomotion is

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the reflex excitability would demand darkness and quiet as a sine qu& non

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The accumulation of fresh facts strengthens or weakens doctrines

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Strongylidae with armed mouth and bursa copulatrix provided

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tions in regard to diet in all cases of diarrhoea. It is well

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Dr. F. Paekes Webee : I would Uke to point out that there is a class

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simplest operations in surgery. In the young child the

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endure the slightest change of position either of the limb or

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tranquillized, and obtains refreshing sleep. The measure may be repeated

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When the menstrual flux has been suppressed for any consider-

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sufficiently taken advantage of by the general practitioners.

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which has been loyal up to the ])re8ent time, has joined

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The few published studies that have examined racial or

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action against her for medical attendance. It -turned out, however, that she

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