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In the accompanying diagram (p. 711} I have reduced the

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anterior end, and surrounded by two to !six lips, which opens

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a quarter of a mile of it either a hospital, whether for

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diseases suggests that the explanation of the above occurrences for one

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to suit some cases of emaciation without stomach disturbance,

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perfectly cured sausages. Poisoning from this source

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water, for the poisoned man regretted his act, and wished to escape

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four years. About four months ago the big toe b^gau to trouble

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most simple. It is to be given in a dark dropping glass on

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the os calcis, the metatarsal bones of the second toe, and little toe were

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It does not always require large doses of the iodi<le to produce

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of elbow Joint. In his: .Syuop-i. Cliu. Surg., 12°, Salt Lake

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we know, but the wounded on ships will have over land forces the advantage of

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in the state. When I have spoken heretofore on this subject it

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rious plans that have been resorted to for the classifi-

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adults where the cough is severe and there is a good deal of pain,

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to disappear gradually, but it returned when the medicine was resumed.

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on "Acute Joint Diseases of Infancy;" Dr. Henry Ling

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fissure on one side being much longer than that of the other, the shorter side

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percussion at some point in the chest, the respiratoiy munmir feeble, or

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of the Negro and aboriginal Indian races. An attractive theory is that

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indifference whether the gland be raw, broiled, boiled, fried,

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Aug 23 Tumor Board - 8:00 AM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs Info: Sharon Sulzbach, 347-7145.

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That frequent washings of the scalp in warm water increases the liability to the

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We can fairly say, I think, that these cases were caused

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