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disease by the use of this water, provided that there is ade-

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given the option of registering herself a public prostitute

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vere in the treatment and the horse will become kind about start-^

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daily do actually exert some of their organs, faculties, or the whole

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lindings is shown in figure reproduced from Hertz's book on

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the subject ; the English members strongly supported the

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cavity was drained with gauze. The patient stood the opera-]

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Engelken then gives the details of various experiments made upon

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of the kidney, and by lateral extension implicate the connective tissue

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and vesicles with depression in the centre, and of the remission of fever

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mach, and converted into blood, which is again further changed

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every incipient inflammation; but it is obvious that when the

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by the fact of the permanent character of the vesicles,

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in irritation of the extra- vascular elements of the textures, producing

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informed me that the apparatus should not be applied for at

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gery : On the Preservation of Members by Preserving

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and report to the commanding general, department of Dakota, for

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; This subject would have hardly required so much notice, but for the fact

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pound. The public analyst (Mr. Piesse) oljjects to the pre-

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be used with success for vaccination purposes, but not

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Bruckmiiller met with a case in a dog of nodes on several of

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each muscle and nerve. It consumes a great deal of time, because con-

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scarlet cloth, or in any other red cloth, and command every thing about

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A new edition of "Dramamine Reviews and Abstracts S' containing di-

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bone, which, when exposed, has a white and smooth appearance,

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Diagnosis. Hydatid Cysts. — Long duration, history, clear

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affected by the turning over of a few feet of earth. The facts suggest,

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What the pathological condition of the appendicular

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Nourishing Injections. Remove the fat from the pancreas of the

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