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crowded together in patches, and not seldom preceded and accom-

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and the pathological changes which must inevitably result sooner

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the wall. The muscular substance was pale and moder-

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lost over the site of the growth. On percussion there is generally absolute

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earliest stages, before the spinal axis has been seriously involved, been attended with

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pertussis toxin genes: Operon structure and gene duplication. Proc Natl Acad Sci

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and many pedicles from different terminal tubes enter into each leaflet. This

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Hill-Barnard sphygmometer. 1 In its simplest form this sphygmometer

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hours' duration. It is generally supposed that the con-

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where the cutis has become so intimately adherent to

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the arterial system, not being sufficient to act injuriously.

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Yice-President. — Dr. Pollock, Pennsylvania. Fourth Yice-

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that. The higher classes are most sensitive, and degenerates the least. He found

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With increased cardiac action and emptying of the over-distended

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Ruck's extension apparatus until the thirteenth day, when I found the

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physical laws in question must be primarily sought in — what

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insists on the importance of the independent control

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form of tlie pulse denotes strong arterial tension, the absence of dicrotism

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disease in man has been worked out by Suga, Baelz, Manson, Miura,

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richtung von Findelan.stalten. Verbandl. d. x. infernal,

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with German measles, it is absolutely imperative that the

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tance. 1 urge a patient while in the open air often to

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9e the opening by means of decalcified bone is a valuable

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Since perivascular tissues are dependent on the trans-

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March. The case mortality in January and February was 30 per cent.,

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muscles will be paralyzed, and the expiratory movements per-

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over the great basin than over the plateaus. The decrease over the

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pitfalls which lie in the path of medical students in the " City

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