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etc. The effects of the ptyalism occasioned by mercury are

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death-rate in the two decades 1851-60, 1861-70, was

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the votes cast being necessary to elect, by the House of Delegates on the

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cases be the first point affected on the opposite side.

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ments, such as building up bricks, and other mechanical movements, was

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of our landmarks of minor surgery, upon our skill in

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them in an intelligent and practically useful manner. Bella-

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the first appreciable manifestations of the disease,

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of the nail-bed, may be accentuated or abnormally developed. In some

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without unwarrantable risk. The method that suggests itself

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«ighty-two inmates, and that the estabUshmeut has been

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expectorated by them may be the means of communicating

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before first coming under observation on the April 22, 1898.

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haematemesis, ha.'moptysis, mcla."na. epistaxis. and bleed-

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Repeat the flushing out of the abscess daily for three or four days,

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is probably erroneous ; the more likely cause of this apparent

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cases the tubular glands, as well as the solitary and aggregate

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being either pinched and anxious or flushed, the latter usually being associ-

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full)' to find out its .shape. Then take some of sticks and

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structures of the abdominal wall carefully, eliminating all possi-

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protein katabolism. Subjects of exophthalmic goitre and others,

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this resolution and offered the following amendment to Art. I

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I saw a new heaven and a new earth : for the first heaven and the

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pital to concede one-fourth of all the beds, to be devoted to

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of bronchitis some eight years ago ; had an attack of

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jugular vein, part of the common carotid, together with the

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hypercholesterolemia is almost invariably found in cases of chole-

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pitals will be qualified to present himself for examination by

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It was seldom necessary to open up the wounds for the purpose of taking

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full and even forced feeding of easily-digested food. The patient

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by a beginner lacked clearness, and might lead to erroneous con-

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of elective action upon those parts of the alimentary mass which are

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ordinary pachydermia, except that there was a mass of keratosis present. It

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The motion was seconded hy Dr. QrATu, and, having been

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