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everywhere observable in the organic kingdom, has its counterpart

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Fourteenth day. — Patient discharged to-day with a

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the eruption and desquamation were limited to the face in 23. The

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ball," «)i " globe." On page 44 the expression, " be-

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the effect of which does not declare itself for a day or two. With a

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about the cartilage which separated the epiphysis from the

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whether lead salts remotely contract blood vessels after

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things would return, and comp.-lled him to devise other

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fixed. Two flattened arched pieces, at an interval of two inches, pass from the

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taken it without injurious effects. In a minute or two

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the first epileptic seizure he frequently complained of what he termed

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by the Crusaders returning from the East. In any case, leprosy

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than it takes to tell it the six months foetus was delivered

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of practicing physicians, residents, and medical students that

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mend an unfavorable action upon this proposed amend-

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cases medical treatment should be given a faithful trial ; if a child is

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the light of Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Battle. I do not believe it is the

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type, its essential differences being the use of bevel gears to

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admit that the disciples of the school of Broussais have gone too far in decrying the use of

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I have recently had under my care the case of a bank cashier who suf-

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of the mental faculties. Arabian authors recommend cleaning; of

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were the result of temporary functional derangement, or of grave and

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became red, reopened, and the whole forearm was much

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color sense. I advised waiting for further developments.

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cessfully, so he testifies,* by injections of nitrate of silver of

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necrotic change; the tissue has the appearance of being acutely

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and a more or less firm agglutination may take place. The process

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protruded and retracted. A peculiar condition, termed aphthon-r^a l,y

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with iodoform gauze, and over this placed the usual antiseptic

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attacked. The original patch may be white, red, blue,

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eyes not been normal. The third positively placed in

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