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been made, such a breach of professional honor would, no doubt, make
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the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. All of these have a serous, mus-
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citizes a perfect confidence in the wisdom and goodness of God, and a
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mature in knowledge, goes on to the more perfect development of its
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Dr. D.ivid \V. Cheever, Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Massachu-
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Sisters of Charity, is an emblem of charity of the noblest
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few days. Cheyne-Stokes respiration, however, succeeded.
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exerted on a given part of the body is determined. It may
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tirely, to the depressing effects of the agent used,
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Airs, published at Bristol, in 1796, is a statement that
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terested in this phase of the subject, are referred
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which the boy quite recovered in about eight days. Another case of recovery
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toms. There is a .sudden development of acute symp-
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of the aorist may indicate the instant when life or death is decided.
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the statement that the residual air "amounts to about
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able. In open injuries of the cord there are destruction of
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when stored lor more than 10 days); low-salt milk (may contain up to 60 mEg ol potassium per
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that as much more as the dermic circulation is profoundly
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that it was useless to try to get a window open. Nor
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And yet within the last decade the doctrine was widely
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Criticism of defects should not be interpreted as derogatory
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ment) ; and (5) much of the blood from the gastro-intestinal tract being
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for half-an-hour, and then took them to a hill, where they were exposed
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the oriffin of septic peritonitis and appendicitis.
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A light diet is usually of advantage for the first day or two, but
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1884. SiNOLAiB, John, M.B.C.P., General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand,
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half a dozen good practical men, and see what their ideas have
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tions for so doing, I found that the fleam of my lancet was broken, and, not
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also assists in the assimilation of iron in anemic cases. As
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the Institution has grown up to become one of great value to com-

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