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the author. Editor's Address, No. 1004 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
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referred to me for treatment by Dr. F. O. Webber, of
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Besides its being so complete and comprehensive, what, in our opinion, more
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fulness of the patient's habits, and by distinguishing the faulty
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variations in the activity of respiration and circvdation. Second : a slight
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If not and we withhold care, then the mortality prediction will be self-fulfilling as it rises to 100%.
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Frequently neuritis is an accompanying feature of arth-
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reduction cannot be carried beyond 15 mUlinietres without
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throat affection or of the cutaneous eruption, scarlet fever had not been sup-
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could be given without much danger, he intended in the
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Let us then suppose, that, by preternatural excitement, the stimulating
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ing to Brand's original method. As there seems to be
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by those for whom the institution was founded, but should,
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to 1880, a maternal mortality of 53.33 per cent., and a foetal
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past, to find the answer to the question whether germs are the
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theria, will be shorn of its terrors. Environment may have much to
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urates, oxalate crystals, and epithelium. The total
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feel warranted in stating that it is safe to resort to this pro-
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quence of the peristaltic contractions of the bowel, pathological
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ulation reproduces the morbid conditions found in the general infec-
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with congenital syphilis, and it would seem that in such cases the osseous
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necessary beyond that supplied by the elevation of the
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(13) Oleo natura tepefacere corpus, et contra algores munire : Ei-
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as an emetic, producing also a laxative effect. But it is disgusting to the
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on the History of the Burmah Kace. As the gallant author
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and the meed- of praise so often bestowed upon this treatment by some
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Of course, milk, eggs, milk-punch, beef-tea, lemonade, flax-
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to the throne summarizes thus; "Ameliorations which en-
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I do say that they enjoy a wonderful immunity from it,

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