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shall have an opportunity of haringacertain responsible chai-gcof patients
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talk over leisurely with me the next day. But before I left
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Plaintiff further claimed that she had a deep wound
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diarrhea. In severe cases they are no longer fecal in color, but are thin and nearly
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not thus secure the best results. Antiseptic surgery is dealing with surgical
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of the strands of connective tissue between the lobules of the gland. The
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project, with a new discovery, which, he alleged, would supersede any- '
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the appearance of the place as a city of the dead. He adds that not a
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Surgical Treatment. — Statistics of surgical treatment are still to be
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vation of an oncogene results in the excess production
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at ihe door of the hospital; but not if he die within the hospital
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Outside of the jjatches of new connective tissue the convoluted tubes, instead
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refuse. Martini • insists that all sewage should be sterilized and
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and where instruction is not sufficient, to demand a better state of
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water-bacteria, which liquefy the gelatine before the ba-
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He finds that psoriasis occurring in persons suffering from such lesions
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extremely fond, in this place. " You may hang up a cage,"
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Division of labor is the key note of all evolution and has
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group. Invariably, there was either slight movement of the costal
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and meaning. Again, on account of the numerous cross references and frequent
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hemolytic streptococci. One of the best of these has been based on
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States the disease is chiefly prevalent in Illinois,
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Dr. Duparcque observes, atiects the length as well as the
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Progressive Myositis Ossificans. Definition. A progressive inflam-
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This IS undoubtedly true, but shock in Pott's disease
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with hearing are usually disliked by the men. The author found
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addition he has a regiment. Three-fourths of the old service
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glass; they all do what he wants them to do — that is, they exercise a
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Mr. Murry, a knowing chirurgeon (since Mayor of that city), to
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You have come up here to-day, not so much for rest and recreation, though these
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world's great artists have sought to depict the manifesta-

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