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specimens of interest bearing on the subject of glaucoma

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of the disease in March, demonstrate the fact that according as the

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visible faulty chemistry that requires to be set to rights,

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in London. Application might be made to the Secretary of the Eatls-

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moreover, avert the charge, sometimes made by ignorant

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ob3cure Head Injuries. Mr. Silcock : On Radical Cure of

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However this may be, it is a fact that had Surgeon- Colonel

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had been called to a case against Mrs. Carter at the Central Criminal Court

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sented "themselves. Questions were set to be answered in

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may seem expedient." The resolution was Fcconded Iiy Mr, H. A. Nesbitt

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Mr. Lawson Tait considered that in the second case the

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single stain in bringing out aU the structures in the section

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injustice done to his relatives by branding the family with

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University College, Liverpool : W. A. Ferguson. Owens College,

prednisone 10mg dose pack 6 days

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tiplication and proliferation of the bacilli does not take

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from the principal zymotic diseases was equal to 2 1 The 193

prednisone 10mg 6 day dose pack directions

April 4th, L:.9J. a'j, •_• . ... ', ', ; ThKING.

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workman led to a correct diagnosis. One patient was well pitted with

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to touch flesh or fish. And thus if a person belonging to such

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the very complete system of segregation of persons from

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Mead (Richd.), The Works of. Vol. 1. Edinburgh, lTi!3.

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IN a recent report to the Southwark Local Authority, Dr. Waldo has

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felt extending from the left side of the uterus towards the-

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moved in most directions, and the trapezius muscle sup-

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and Mndical congresses have already been held, as has also that

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bladder to become much distended), she was seized with a

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of Honorary Demonstrator has just been created at the General

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McGiegor. E. B. Kitching. Celeste Ferris, Marv Bowman Wilson,

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closed. The calculi were composed of uric acid, urates, and

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salaries and debarred from the entanglements of private prac-

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cess of softening and necrosis, new cells are formed which

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" :j. Though in a scientific classification of diseases leprosy

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practice it was throughout his whole life, and in every rela-

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Chicago; J. Carroll, M.B., Ilkeston; Mr. A. Clark, London ; C H.C. ;

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was called to attend a male patient at the same address, and

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land Hospitals, and took a leading part in the discussion of

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duced by Dr. Jenner, who had been voted £10,000 by that

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enough ?— Y'es ; I think it should be made as serious an

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F.R.S. (The gentlemen whose names are marked with an

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suspicion of being lepers, and who were seen and examined by the

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?,rSl^ntive curative, and operative treatments are briefly l)ut suffl-

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raw tliyroid in which distinct improvement was discernible

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