Proscar Drug Type

either hgematuria or hsemoglobinuria is the most prominent symptom.

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racy to warrant this assertion. In Germany trichinae are found in man

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treatment must be purely symptomatic. If phenacetin and antipyrin

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with the microscope does not indicate the quantity of oxalic acid present.

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with consequent great thickening and subsequent atrophy, even to the

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tenderness of the muscles or of the nerve-trunks can be made out. The

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interstitial myocarditis extended from an acute valvular endocarditis,

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on the surface, and although there may have been considerable loss

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a hemiplegia, which in most of the recorded cases has been upon the

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It should be noted, however, that it does not elucidate the ultimate nature

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lus or twist are in males, and about one-third of them occur between

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especially when the disease runs a protracted course. The aortic second

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ing remarkably from those announced by Dr. McLeod, in his " Notes

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tion, when introduced, even in small qnantities, into an atmosphere

proscar drug type

rous, and for a time are slightly tinged with bile, but at last they pre-

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coming on of ptyalism that I regard their evidence as of practical value.

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of temperature is characteristic. The enlargement and tenderness of the

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