some scheme for local and instructed nureing, such as is in vogue

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notorious as malarial foci. Keeping in remembrance the foregoing facts,

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indicate danger, should receive active treatment if they occur. By fre-

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face, wo find three methods of " dosing" it — by changing the tempera-

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water," etc. Such errors must be avoided in discussing procedures;

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possessed, and his vindictive nature was proved by the sequel.

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In hydrophobia the virus affects the eighth pair of cranial

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lowing pneumonia, generally terminates in recovery unless secondary

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ceived and baffled him with false hope. To-day surgical technique is so

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warming up of the part and its being bathed in a vapor, are conveyed

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in Virginia, and its neighborhood, and in our market it is the

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tion and sedimentation of typhoid bacilli nor inhibit their growth,

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being suspended from a height of FlG - sa-Douche Pan.

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The prognosis in regular, uncomplicated scarlet fever is in almost

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Priessnitz created a sect, the hydropaths, whose influence for the pop-

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sources for those who were challenged enough to run the

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