What Compares To Naltrexone

who, three years ago, had suffered from a fracture of the right

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Topeka. Eight new cases were reported April 6. The disease

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severe type embraces cases in which the glucose does not disap-

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at the Steuben Sanatorium, April I. Dr. Charles O. Green

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this Association has decided that the next annual convention

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sense be palliative and at the same time insure radical means

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place by several surgeons, the patient claims to have sustained

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As an agent for increasing the appetite, it has been found

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Sorgicai Treatment of Retroversion of the Uterus. Franklin H.

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ing the soldiers to barracks. The proportion of European cases

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hospital-car efficiently. Iri both these instances one or

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town each forenoon. He inspects t£e bodies of the dead and

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vantage of the opportunity to bring it before the Sec-

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or of War ? There is no danger that a soil analysis will

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other organs are at liberty to fall. We must admit that

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Case XXI. — In passing to the examination of the case which, next to

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ing the central point (Fig. 3, 1) of each side of the

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appearance of the chancre, as it is powerless to check the

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work, we think, is, that there is too much attention to details, and too little

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appeared, being replaced by fibrous and granulation tissue and

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on the Morbid Anatomy of the Serous and Mucous Membranes, Mr.

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Ryan, St. Paul, Minn., June 3, under the presidency of Dr.

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exacted; nay, to preserve its existence as a badge of distinction, those who

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The first appearance is considered healthy; the second receives the name

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Jaines Stewart, M. D., late Physician to the New York Orphan Asylum,

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cluded under melena — 1 of depressed skull and 1 of facial

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' washed out twice daily with warm 4 per cent, boric acid

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doses has been her chief anchor for several years, and she has

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studied. All the diplococci obtained corresponded closely to

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directions, and connecting them with numerous twistings of waxed threads. They are

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