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the surfaces to be disinfected, or both, so that plenty of moist-
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BO eminently practical, that it i? almost a false compli-
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physical signs are restricted respiratory movements, impaired resonance,
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Hence it is important to decide, by vaginal examination, whether
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tKlinik der Oelenk-krankheiten von C. Haeter, Leipsig, 1876, Zweiter Theil,
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contributing to it. In this connection regard will be had to
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component atoms, untl ho to produco wlmt we know as ro-arrangomeiits uiul
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explain the tendency to cardiac hypertrophy. This strain oc-
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or by sponging between the separated fingers. Iodoform gauze or wick and
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others, as modern ; " and takes the credit from them, and
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from the urine, if casts continue to be found in the sediment, more espe-
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Bacon, Opera qucedam hactenus Inedita. Ed. J. S. Brewer (Roils's Series), 1859,
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and then loops round them in a i^eculiar manner, running in the
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McClellan VA Hospital, Little Rock. Board certified.
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to: Alexander Alperovich, M.D., 3 Tiffany Circle, Millbury,
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tinuously excessive female rate at ages 5-55, save between 10 and 15, and
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of the quantities employed, both of alcohol and chloroform,
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later because of the consecutive very annoying pressure in the stomach
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than such as will develop from a thorough knowledge
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disease is rarely if ever present in those who have not had ground
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2,000, which is easily tolerated and of sutlicient strength.
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the knee was abducted, and the motion of bringing the thigh down barely
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Marseilles, promulgates the following doctrine : While
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To the late Dr. George Greene, Professor of the Practice of Physic to
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show no rise in temperature ; but great tenderness, headache, nausea,.
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at various times, but Monoyer seems to have been the
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nal application of cold water, when the patient is too weak
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and the pathological changes which must inevitably result sooner
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till 1st July, when 860,000 vaccinations had been made in a
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34.— von Voit (C.) Ueber die Ursachen der Fettablage-
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