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tion. 16 - 23 Although there has been some debate about this

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the coccus membrane. The general condition of the child was

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constij^ation. He referred secondly to the beneficial

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the last two or three years a number of pathological changes in the

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tionofthe carpal bone, might mistake fe *?* <%£- ¥ the bura ^? tf TO.

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Reynaud related a case which occurred during his service at the hos-

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When doctors learn that medicines never cure anv disease, but may only re-

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in our study at 15% is greater than that reported in many

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some by the addition of vinegar, which acts as an astringent on

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be rendered more or less susceptible to their effects,

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A growth was found on the posterior end of the inferior turbinal which

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soldier returned to duty and never tried to shirk again.

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medicine is of much less use than careful nursing, of which the

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normal individual after increasing amounts of work, which were fur-

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fever, especially if it has been severe, the patient should be so

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considerable atrophy of all organs. Bilateral bronchopneumonia. Tonsils

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disturbances, were eliminated. In practically all instances the patients reposed

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febrUe movement is sometimes observed in chronic gastritis, and very

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two other conditions — in pericardial effusion, and the fugi-

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in local work and 3: To some extent, upon personal conferences and

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tism, gout, or Bright's disease. Severe muscular strain some-

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lectual, the industrious, the efficient, — those whose lives are most valu-

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with fat and earthy salts." (Dr. Fuller, Bisaases of

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Henrv A\'atts, Thatcham, near Newbury ; Henry Speaknian

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which occur as a result of diseases of the nervous sys-

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condition. This distinctness of the reticulum is due to an increase

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ex-presidents of the A. M. A. : Dr. Wyeth, Dr. Keen, Dr. Hcod, Dr.

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By this time the eruption had reached the face, and I was quite

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subjects under strenuous activity. This occurs to a much

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dyspnoea on going upstairs, and his feet were some-

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or transmitting through its membranes, the oxygen of the atmospheric air, and the

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