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but that the impairment of sensation tends to preponderate over that of
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it, leads to handling the organs ; the worms lead to fecal
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following way: An ounce of finely-rasped carrot pulp is mixed with two cups
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tions of tissue from the organs added to the media gave
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cardiac lesion. On electrical examination the muscles generally show some
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could be made. Billroth, it will be remembered, made
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Pctefw, M. ]).. (,f Xew York: in ^' North America," by Dr.
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least quantity is eleven grains a minute, or one pound eleven
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easier in some cases to find ringworms than healthy skin. As the nurse who had
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. *Conjunctiva injected ; cannot see well, like a mist before
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limb in the position most calculated to favour the process of
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Geo. S. Peck, Youngstown, O. ; Secretary, W. W. Potter, Buffalo, N. Y. ;
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences , published at
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and hypertension, two conditions that impair memory.
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As the sanitary state of the premises of this part of the town
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by vaccination; and yet if it had not been for this fallacy he probably
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Metbode des paitielleu Horuhaiitersalzes. Deutsche ined.
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"have marked the characters by which fibrous bodies differ from
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mittee on resolutions, to be presented to this body for its adoption.
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Had asthma intermittently for 5 years ; almost constant during last
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perienced a rigor with a succeeding rise of temperature, and the next
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commodations for the insane shall be ultimately limited
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IX and Heath, 11 to the effect that "more than a hundred intraperi-
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nise his friends, but he cannot tell, or rather, perhaps, he cannot
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3. It is probable that a functional tetanoid paraplegia exists
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that time the patient gradually sank and failed, so
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We must then take the position of Bouchard, who concludes that
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examples of intellectual industry and acumen that now
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the first number of the New York Medical Repository made

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