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anus should be subjected to a hot-water douche before

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4. A Study of the Cases of Amebic Dysentery Occurring at the Johns

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to such a belief, but, on the contrary, explicitly refute it. And shall we,

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history of the city of Brooklyn. There was a marked decrease

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would seem to be a place for it in medical literature. Tlie work

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According to our definition on p. 118, the volume of the pulse is

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lism rate for these new filters appear to be similar to

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ture of the body as the cold bath, are open to many of the objections

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applications more and more irritating. On one occasion

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abundant discharge of liquid, that is, when there is copious transudation or

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registered as a Doctor of Medicine," etc. Counsel for the prose-

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writing, valuable as they are as adjuvants. The dietetic

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of the fever — viz.. in the typhus and the typhoid.

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In cases where, on account of the extreme closeness of the

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from our intention to undervalue pathology, or to speak lightly

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societies, auxiliaries, and others to communicate the

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Gentlemen : — The cerebral cortex is an immense, spread-out

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, of such high standing in the old school of practice,

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the last days as comfortable as possible. These suggestions, gentle-

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without belladonna — should be employed in enemata. In cases of paraplegia

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in eating and drinking; mental emotions; obstructed circulation, arising

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trouble than is generally bestowed upon such examinations ; hut if the

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last Council meeting. He met with the medical vice presi-

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the fact was established, as it undoubtedly was, that foot-and-mouth

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SucicLiNG, Cornelius B., ]M.D., to District No. 3 of the Birminghnm

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anticomplementary action was attributed to the fact that the serums were

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The Fate of Phenolsulphoneththalein When Injected Into

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any means for this purpose, until after his eighth experiment

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