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formed, the floor of which consists of the outer surface

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greatest, the lower extremities, particularly the feet, were general-

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potassa 2 ozs. Mix, let stand a short time, bottle while fer-

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improve at once when allowed to get up. This applies to

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In this connection I may refer to the excellent text-book of

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obtain from the workhouse or Hospital, the wards of the latter

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Dr. Britton — If the clause itself represents fairly and properly the views of this Council

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the oriffin of septic peritonitis and appendicitis.

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been that the veiling in the lung areas has never attained any

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local cyanosis. The part played by exposure to cold in determining an

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concentrated solution of chloride of zinc until all bad smell was removed. The

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for them the compound chalk mixture with a large addition of laudanum,

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For one powder, to be repeated according to circum-

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of those metatarsal bones in which the disease appeared, should be

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first, to make a digital examination and ascertain the presence or absence of acute

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termed double tertians or double quartans. In the double tertian the

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At the time of the first convulsive seizure he ascribed it to the excessive use of

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if the CouncU would suggest the list of the Universi-

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ery part of the nervous system, centric and excentric, must

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skill of the operator, based upon previous experience, must be

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floorisbing city, j On the Convention having been called to

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left arm and hand becoming weak, and has felt fibrillary

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continue for several days. The cepbalolgia is frequently

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n. s., viii, 214-216. — Subconjunctirale ScleVali-uptur

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Phillips, M. D., Dalton, N. Y. Univ. Med. Coll., 1880 1881 1882

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ulcerate, the pain is somewhat augmented, but does not become intense

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of general paralytics, but in almost every organ and tissue

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the long diameter. Schizogony and sporogony unknown.

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as soon as the growth is removed. Hare-lip pins or deep sutures are

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