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formation of a diagnosis. The detachment of such a clot and its entangle-

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occurred at periods more or less remote from the present time. During

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followed by a distinct relaxation of the organ, though

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sion ; 8 gms. (2 drs.) within 24 hours ; in children from 8 to 14

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only in the eyelids was there any outward evidence of

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related a case of a sea captain, aged 34, who develoixjd nephritis about

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patient's room should be large and well ventilated : a strong deodorizing

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to me, both by the general practitioner and the special-

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it at times, equally efficacious with galvanism, as well as more

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first finger. A similar group, but more numerous, de-

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l>acteria, quite apart from any gravitational process. The growth of the

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concurred to show that this should be very much more favorable. In

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once to be abated. In all dwellings, and especially all places of pub-

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Some of these may improve, others remain permanently deaf.

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may have passeil from the maternal to the fetal blood through the

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due to voluntary muscular contraction, but is either occasioned by external

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sutures, which soon sloughed out. The flaps were then kept

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know that the disease itself is very rarely hereditary, but

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The discovery of the lymphatic vessels and their pur-

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cremated when they die, but instead, are sent to the mint

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present in fat embolism. We regard the wholesale injuries to the

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conspicuous, but the evidence of descending change may be expected

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one to breathe through the mouth, especially during sleep,

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from it ; passed a No. 3 gum-elastic catheter firmly mounted ; for a short time

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up to date. The number of operations is, therefore, eleven. Of these,

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symptoms, physicians should follow chronically treated patients for the signs and symptoms of

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perfectly healthy. The tumefaction of the lymphatic ganglions of the

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ing than the encephalic symptoms, may throw some light on the causa-

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