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ipport and encouragement, without giving any other ■
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dency to excitement or struggling, and in about sixty seconds the
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«o»oo>»5i.'?iooco':^#t-3&cococ0'ws«aocoox — — o>
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rivers and enter the system in the water. Compulsory rest in a
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Cystine, crystalizea from an ammoniacal solu- ° * , , . - , . .
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system, which is the one most generally used in Europe, all of the
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of estimate, usually in 30-day intervals) ; (2) the troop strength
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on the sponge, placed it on the face of a sleeping man, presumably
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These salts of lime and magnesia are especially called
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muscles, but states that it contrasts with the positive atrophy
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bras from the irritation of motion in the erect attitude.
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count it is doubtful if they will find a place in thera-
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to swallow a table-spoonful of fine salt, as directed by Dr. Rush,
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increasing quantities. Condition of stomach continues excel-
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Cliirurgischen Eingritlen in die Mundhole. Arch. I. Chir.,
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It must induce either hypo- or hyperfunction. Clin-
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The present situation with regard to the detention or reception
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four times a day for the relief of angina pectoris. In ad-
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develop more or less rapidly and immediately prove the
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would, however, appear to be exceptional. In many instances
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thing has been observed in the different ways in which a sali-
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another class of muscle inflammations. Bauer 7 and Georgievski 8 have
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rounded off, and are not so brusque as in tic ; moreover, they are quite
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ber of cases. In general his opinions are favorable to the
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See maintains that the action of caffeine on the heart and blood-
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REPUBLIC LEASING. One of the only deals that makes sense in this market. For more
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lations are performed with the virus-containing bidbs of the rabbits
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work will thus afford American practitioners a complete and trustworthy guide in medical
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but in giving the Cases above detailed, I shall be satisfied if
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most difficult to see the register. The majority of practi-

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