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milk, and everything appeared to be doing well. Her pulse w*as 100. That

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and the chief theories of its significance which have

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about the efficiency of the heart muscle. When the pulse is rapid and

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reached a greater figure than it had before shown at all.

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Medieval began with the tenth and ended with the close of the

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difficulty by the naked eye, but by gently moving the walls

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tlie Philadelphia Hospital on the IGth of September,

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who had procured them ; having gotten information as to

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Serious errors in practice may arise if we regard the prodroma

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In his Obstdriml and Statistical work Duncan is seen at liis

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toxine, dissolved in a iQ^ drops of alcohol, at 11 o'clock and 15 minutes

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To convert metric weights and measures into those in ordinary

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any trace of salt. It was found that the latter course was entirely

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larly and 1000 c.c. of normal saline intravenously on

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ant, by means of a present of cake and fruit supposed to have

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place of a branch of the arteria centralis. In cases of embolism of

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leaves a wife and several children. Among his sons are

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of the body, and relieve internal parts. If for any reason the

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twelve and fourteen-ounce mixtures were also identified

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able organism." Accordingly, when we consider the needs of the body

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No. 1.— la SO «.e. ampuls containing 1.3 sag. (1-50 gr.) Mercuric Chloride in normal serum and physiologic salt

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articulation ; reflex deglutition, however, was unimpaired. Mastication

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as t-arly a |i<.-ri<><l .i^ . ■ oi . cif tlic A"S<K.Tition. Ailoptcd.

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ing convinced that whatever changes may come about in

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lifted readily, forming a ring into which the tip of the finger is

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mistake and it can be illustrated by a. case we still have under observation. The

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they rapidly dart below with forcible wriggles. They lie at the

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the syphilitic and scrofulous, all looked over the rail to-

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ing or disappearing. In the few cases in which it becomes chronic, a change

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patient is said to have an attack or fit of gout. The disease is generally

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