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veterinary instrument makers are not nearly so good, and are
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the larynx (the organ at the top of the wind-pipe); it is accompanied by a
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grade Injections of Stronger Solutions of Silver. Hermann G.
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signs until two or three days later. In such case the inflammatory pro-
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mouth. Contains a crystallizable principle, Iiottlerin ; active prin-
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to 6 weeks. Usually it spreads very rapidly although its
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ness, sweUing, or increase of temperature. The erysipelatous affection
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never having been more (nor ever much less) than a week unwell
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there is hardly one of us who has not some time or other
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poses of measurement. No gas whatever is obtained on heating pure benz-
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In the tenth and eleventh lectures, Dr. G. gives the history, phenomena, prac-
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Houghton; Mr. T. Nunneley; Mr. Holthouse; Mr. Richard
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A sudden onset with rigors and high initial fever, the severe prostra-
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by diet, tonics, etc., which would tend to restore menstruation.
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Someone once said, what goes around comes around. Work like you don’t need the
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moist skin is exposed to cool currents of air. Repeated chills indicate
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by means of his form of cautery we are enabled to produce
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dulge in irregularities of any kind, all that can be
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lesion of the motor cortex that the patient was trephined, but the
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istic. Reversal and interlacing of the color fields may also be met with (p.
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Fig. 2. 1 1 1 * - author, Sister M. Regis, with a nurse, attending .1 p.niini .11 Huh himih Hns
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became stronger and there was no murmur. He has not lost a
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the University of Pennsylvania in 1859. In 1H61 he re-
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has to be vised by a lawyer will surely be cut down.
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Notes. — Previous distillation of the urine is advisable, and may
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Eouen, 1880, 74: 1883. Rouen, J884, 253: 1884. Roui'n, 1885,
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comparable to that observed in the chronic form. In fact, in many cases
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has found that prolonged consumption of milk, from tuberculous

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