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recognized by the physician. When catheterized the urine was

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family. It is true it has its shortcomings, and some objec-

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is also inflamed, containing a large quantity of exudation, and its

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to tlie control of epidemics. Brit. M. J., Loud., 1889, li,

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operation for retrodisplacement— ventral fixation — twelve times,

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liquid nourishment may be begun per os giving small amounts of peptonized

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feet in Melbourne is 61° ; in Greenwich 51°7, a difference which

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that it should be carefully preserved. In these days of

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and zinc, and especially chloride of zinc, be used for

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represent the State Board of Health at the tuberculosis con-

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There is no heat, swelling, nor pain upon pressure in any part

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Patricia Hartlage, M.D., Virgil McKie, M.D., Kathy McKie, M.D.,

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sufiicient to neutralize 1000 fatal doses of toxin for a 350-gm. guinea-pig.

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the more severe operation of incision. It was only after his

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trichinosis in the acute stage and seeing the patient suffer

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it be so high as to paralyse all the thoracic muscles, the prognosis becomes

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and he may seize on that horn of the dilemma which he prefers.

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ment of the external rectus of the squinting eye is not

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latter showed it to be a typical epithelioma. In this

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posed of by arbitration, and the other two had been

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sonably be looked upon as deleterious, except when it was present in

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ert Abbe, surgeon to St. Luke's Hospital of New York,

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has been kept up, or the vaccine has been mixed with humanized virus,

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bed without any special form of treatment; often resulting

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receive medical treatment. Like the abortion right,^" the

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is a functional result of nervous structure, while it is, at the same

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Poultices are made of various materials ; anything which will hold

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Classic clinical interventions to reduce the incidence

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