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capabilities is worth acquiring. Personally, I have
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the results of further inoculation, — that in fact they could be
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Upper End of the Tibia, by Dr. Alden March, of Albany; On the
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1885. Almost as soon as the steamer left the dock he exhibited
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breathing and swelling of the ankles. The urine is scanty, and
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Ueber Erytbronielalgie. Deutsche med. Wclmsc In .. Leijiz.
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constantly vomiting. The vomited matter was of a dirty-brownish color,
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sweats for a year, with progressive emaciation. Right apex
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of the case, and after we have assured ourselves by repeated sound*
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Aviation history : Enlisted aviation section Sept., 1917 ; graduated from ground
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be found, therefore, between the hyoid bone and the thyroid gland. It
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logical alterations in gastric epithelium in vitro. Urease
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the germ easily finds entrance to the system, and does not easily find
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lar improvement could have been expected had this ques-
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United States General Hospital for Tuberculosis at Fort
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seemed unscientific. In bis hands it had proved efficacious,
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the direct observation of the senses— symptoms which are
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who advocated, under a[)proved conditions, a ventral fixation. In the
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meat has been served all summer. In the winter they have ham or
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gave him brandy punch freely to create reaction. Applied a very
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of hypochlorite proceeds best in clear water, it is desirable to remove
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before the New York Legislature during its coming session.
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30th May. — A healthy foal was placed with the above one,
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membrane is immune. The reverse is also true, that the skin may
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some foreign body should be inserted between the teeth
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vain spirit of spurious culture, or by a false sentimental altruism, or by
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to be minimal. The question therefore arises : Can we find
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first part runs in line with the cystic duct and is
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establish his character, and if he cannot do that, let
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It seems to me that we lose nothing by the delay, and often gain much
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tion of sordes on the teeth, " tarry" fseces, total loss of appetite,
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they form colorless colonies which, with low magnification, resemble,
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other. His work was of the routine sort, though none the less worthy

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