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cylinder is one ;and a lialf inch in length ; cylinder
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tion hospital, which has constantly a large number of cases of
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relied upon than any other drug, not only where there is a history of
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opposed surfaces upon one another, and partly on its stickiness. It thus
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predominate, the cardiac impulses, if felt at all, are feeble. Auscultation
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narratives of twenty-one operations — fourteen of
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and on the other perhaps the glottis itself is involved in a like insensibility,
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it to be true that with all young people there is an accession of
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vi7., from May IjMJ till July 1^4t5— 'i.ii'O cases, ejtclusive of opera-
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P.R.S. Vice-Presidents — Patrick Black. M.D. ; Henry
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two hours and allow the patient some sleep ; electricity
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mechanical effect on the stomach thereby produced, or to the poison being
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Feb. 24-25. Traces of albumen. Feb. 26. No albumen. Feb. 27. All the
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that seem to be worthy of diR"erential consideration.
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complaint. — we decided, not unwisely, to spend Easter
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In the liver materials pass through the capillaries
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^ledical Journal (from Journal of American Medical Association)
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reason as well as emotion come into it. The tremendous
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demics. An outbreak of herpes about the lips is occasionally seen.
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projeet, the question of the propriety of SrcdoSr'' "'"' ""' ""'""'"* '•*"'
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ing. The history proved that the growth of the tumor had been
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the papers presented and to say that Dr. Absher is doing a most splendid
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faculties during the preceding year, and the undergraduates
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He apparently never had learned the serial positions
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members of the Opposition, and also to many members of the
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Surgery of the pancreas, spleen and kidneys has had a new
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tice of midwifery was more generally conducted by men. and
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V.a. : R. -j'V, L. /^j. O.d. : early optic neuritis, with + 5d. swelling. Motor, slight L.
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