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inflammation following the accident;" extensive marks of peritonitis. (Dr. S.
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Forty-fourth Annual Session, held in Philadelphia, May
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never had headaches, no febrile attacks and no pains except as
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proper, always distal to the ureteral pelvis. The proximal isthmus
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than too small, since it is easy to reduce their capacity, but, in most cases,
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The distribution according to race, sex and age at onset, by five-year
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PASSU I.' IRA is the ideal anti-spasmodic, and is indicated in all dis-
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brane from the siiuses, filled the wound and sinusf^s
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by his own feelings. Sometimes two pair of thin stockings
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may be detected in the lobules of the liver, and that its
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nent and molded them into the same presentable and even enticing form.
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the response of the individual has been modified in no small degree by uni-
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internally, she would have l>rought about the cure
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preference to hysterectomy whenever possible. Referring to
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^1 and the seats, placed here and there, occupied by groups of
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udder. Sometimes the only sj^mptom indicating that there is
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were felt, iii)parently coimected with the lower end of the cyst wall.
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the organic matter to form new compounds which are both odorless
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(9) All beds will be overhauled and cleaned each week and, weather per-
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derived from proliferation from endothelial cells. The lesions occurring
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birth-rate and habit of nursing their children is greater
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even total, extirpation of the lai'ynx, an operation very serious
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belly. He supposes that, in such instances, the exhalants of the
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sometimes even to the suspicion of malignant disease
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clinically they cuuld not yet l)e distinguished with
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four years of war the young army surgeon developed a strength
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fered them, without restraint as to numbers, of being
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thyroid gland. Microscopically the lesions are generally hyperplastic,
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The operation has given excellent results in his hands.
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the stomach. This vomiting continued pretty constantly
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itself after a few weeks' exposure — for instance, a class A individual
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Fletcher, your President, for their kind invitation to be with you on
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