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the diagnosis is unmistakable there may be no delay

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Treatment of Uterine Fibroids. — The rapid changes in the man-

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unately for the female, the labour was somewhat rapid, and she was delivered

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his every measure, acted strictly within the letter of the law

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as students or as attendants, upon lectures in any of the

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gauze pad and become glued to the skin ; and a generous

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Four rectangular metal ventilating shafts for the supply of

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healthy bioplasm. It is not so clear to what they owe their viru-

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limits ; but the bacilli of the former are ubiquitous and snow a

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to subside, the patient is able to pass both water and

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allow that a woman at the time of her delivery, owing to pain and anxiety,

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effects an insurance. As Insurance Offices are very numerous and their profits

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case. The coroner for Middlesex viewed the matter with different

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the fearful epidemic." The sick were sent to a fort.

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bits that had received anthrax protein were inoculated, simultaneously with

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not digested. There is diarrhea with greenish, or sulphur-like

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because the former was less susceptible. He believed

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of the ladies, who have contributed so largely to the alleviation of the

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scars cannot be distinguished readily from tliat of vaccinia, while, on the

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there is a new growth of connective tissue ; this is usu-

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increase the normal alkalinity of the blood, eliminate uric

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made a vertical incision down posterior line of tumor, ex-

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in an easily digested and concentrated form we would highly

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symptoms are invariably present — vomiting, apathy, and weakness.

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90 per cent, of all cases infiltration anesthesia is able to supplant general

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required in the workup of dementia? An affirmative view. J Fam

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