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than the use of one alone or of two combined. If you
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Mormonic standard, they are not half such bad fellows at
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(passive congestion). \Vm. Ewart^ has recently called attention to the im-
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they were not attacked ; when the plague had nearly subsided, and
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which communicates with the ramifications of the bronchia
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treme cases syncope and convulsions," symptoms identical with those
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On 17th January, 1815, the first essay was read by Dr. Robert
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associated with enlargement of the liver; ulcerative endocarditis; kala-
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veins of the handle of the malleus somewhat congested. The inner
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* Vide Case LXXTX.,— that of an epileptic drowned in a turf-pnddle, as
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the skin was of brilliant color and texture, and the patient, taking 5 grs.
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such as acute eczema, dental abscess, parotiditis, etc. 1. The
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causes of such changes were nervous strain, shock, acute
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by endemic and defective hygienic conditions, but mainly by heredi-
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milk. It costs three dollars per dozen bottles, of six ounces
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its annual meeting, September 23-25111, at Springfield,
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disease when compared with its rarity in this country. In Dublin
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25th. — Tr. Iodinei to be painted over the abdomen. Dec: 27th. — The iodine caused
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sense the nourishment arriving in their protoplasm. The office of the brain
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(passive congestion). \Vm. Ewart^ has recently called attention to the im-
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Suppurative inflammation of the portal vein is especially interesting in
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Ichor is thin, somewhat white, and is produced by an unhealthy ulcer, and par-
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must be so arranged that the water may be wasted or utilized. Where
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Koch's Method in External Tuberculosis. — Mr. Wat
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harmless as their name would indicate. He did not ap-
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got for experiment from a farm where the disease was raging,
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love on the other. And in this object the records and ex-
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Obstetric Synopsis. By John S. Stewart, M. D., Demon-
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are not the cause of putrefaction. ^1 stroitfl nolution of becf-
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of vision ; and frequent sensations of flashes of light. The
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tuberculosis, without meningeal symptoms, was 36. Pulmonary
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The symptoms were peculiar, and as very > permanently the descent of food into the

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